UKIRSC 2022 – Workshops Announcement

 UKIRSC 2022 Conference Workshops


We are pleased to announce three workshops for the upcoming January 2022 conference! The exact timings of the workshops are yet to be confirmed, but we hope to be able to spread them out over the two day conference so that attendees do not have to choose between them. Further details on workshops will be posted in the months running up to the conference.


Spatial Analysis and Mapping in R
Would you like to learn more about spatial analysis, and how to migrate your GIS workflow to R? Then this is the workshop for you!


Career Discussion
We will be joined by experienced professionals with marine biology backgrounds who now occupy varied roles in consultancy, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, technical services, and environmental law. What are the similarities and differences between their career paths, and their advice? Join us to find out!


Reproducible Science with Version Control: Using GitHub in your Workflow
Scientific investigations should be reproducible, ideally with accessible code and data. GitHub allows researchers to collaborate on and share code, and protect their workflow with the ability to pull previous versions of files from the cloud. Join this workshop to learn about the benefits of using git and GitHub and how to interface them with R.


Registration is now open, click this link or scan the QR code in the banner below to register!


We look forward to seeing you all online!

Laura, James, Jules, Becca, Helen, Maeva & Morgane

UKIRSC Committee