Introducing the UKIRSC 2023 Committee!

We are exicted to introduce you to the UKIRSC 2023 committee!


Julia Sutherland (SMRU, University of St. Andrews), Becca Hamilton (University of Manchester), Helen Hiley (Scottish Association for Marine Science), Maeva Terrapon (SMRU, University of St. Andrews) and Morgane Pommier (Atlantic Technological University (ATU)) from last year’s committee are joined by new committee members Alice Lowry (University of Liverpool) and Tim Awbery (Scottish Association for Marine Science). Have a look at our updated committee page to learn a little more about the 2023 committee members.

After a great online conference last year, we are excited to start organising the next conference for January 2023.

We thank all the departing committee members who helped on the 2022 conference!

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Your UKIRSC 2023 committee

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