UKIRSC 2023 – Workshops Announcement

UKIRSC 2023 Conference Workshops

One again we are pleased to announce three workshops for the upcoming January 2023 conference! The exact timings and locations are yet to be confirmed, but they will be spread across the three day conference so attendees do not have to choose between them. Futher details will be announced in the run up to the conference.

Grant Writing

A key aspect of becoming a successful researcher is the ability to gain funding for your research. Join us for this virtual workshop to gain some insights into grant writing and to learn some skills on how to be successful as you start writing your own grant proposals.

Machine Learning in PAMGUARD (Acoustics)

PAMGuard is a bioacoustics toolbox for the detection, classification and localisation of vocalising cetaceans (and bats) ( Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that teaches computers to learn (in a way inspired by the human brain) using artificial neural networks. Deep learning methods are now being used widely for many different applications including in the detection and classification of marine mammal calls. In this workshop we will delve into how we can use the deep learning module in PAMGuard in the analysis of acoustic datasets.  

Tags and the Analysis of Animal Movement Data

From animal handling to data analysis, this workshop will cover the use of animal-borne telemetry tags to study animal movement at sea with a special appearance from SMRU’s own PinniFred – an accurate replica of a 15 day old grey seal.

Registration is now open, click this link or scan the QR code in the banner below to register!

We look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Jules, Helen, Becca, Maeva, Morgane, Alice & Tim

UKIRSC Committee

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